About Our Classified Site

Easily find lots of interesting and valuable items for sale by browsing through our ads free of charge. Your can search for specific items, for items in specific cities, or you can take your time and look through all of our listings if you choose to do so.

Do you have items you would like to sell? It’s free to post an ad, and each ad will run for 30 days unless you choose to remove it sooner than that. 

Enhance Listings

Do you want to enhance your listings? For a small fee you can easily do so by making them a featured ad, by highlighting them, or by making them appear at the top of the listings page. Simply go to your account page, click on “promote ads” and choose from the options provided.

Your Safety Matters

Your safety as you complete your transactions is very important to us. Because in many cases you may not know the potential buyer of your item it is always a best practice to take someone you trust with you to complete the transaction. Always try to meet your potential buyer in a safe area like the inside of a mall or store. If you would like to and you are near our store at 2051 Sherman Avenue in Waynesville, Missouri (across from Ciccarilli’s Restaurant), we would encourage you to meet at our store, the “Dream Again Thrift Emporium”, where you can safely complete your transaction.

How it Works

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Creating your account is simple and easy! Just fill out the short registration form and press submit. Then go to the email address you provided and click on the verification link we send to you. That's it, now just log in to get started!

Post your Ad

Once you have registered simply log in, click on the "Post your Ad" button in the upper right hand of the page and post your ad. The process is simple and easy, and you can have your ad posted in just a few minutes!

Get Offers

Once you have posted your ad potential buyers browsing our site will see your ad, and it they are interested in your item they can easily contact you by chat, email or by phone if you so wish.

Sell Your Item

You can then negotiate the sale of your item and arrange for the exchange of your item for the agreed on or negotiated price to complete the transaction.