How to Post Effective Ads

It is easy to post an ad but to maximize your effort consider the many ways your ad might be improved upon for better results. There are many factors to creating an effective classified ad. Here are a few tips from our experts:

Use an attention-grabbing title.

Create a title that will get your ad noticed by others and an apt description that uses key words or phrases which someone might use when searching for the item you are selling. How effective an internet ad is depends very strongly on the ability of potential buyers to locate the posting. The more details you can provide on the item, the higher the quality of the leads will be.

Add a little humor to your ad!

Making those who view your ad laugh is a sure way to set it apart from the rest. Sometimes, if you are lucky, funny ads may go viral, since everyone wants to share a good laugh with family and friends on social media (remember, keep it family friendly)!

A picture says a thousand words.

Ads with photos receive higher quality replies than those without. Adding well lit, good quality images to your ad will go a long way in creating buyer interest. Unlike newspaper classifieds, there is no cost to post a picture on Dream Again Classifieds, so take advantage and include up to five (5) images on your ads to maximize both free and paid advertising.

Double-check your city and category.

It is important to ensure that you post your ad to the correct city and category. If your ad is miscategorized, interested parties may have a difficult time locating it. For example, if your item is located in Coos Bay, but you posted it in North Bend, no local shoppers will see your ad, thereby making a sale very difficult.

Make sure your price is in line with the current market.

People expect used items to be significantly lower in price than new items. Conducting a price comparison online can help you ensure your item is in line with the current market. Simply type the name of your item into a search engine to view similar ads and their prices.

Pay just a little, get a whole lot!

Sometimes, an ad might just need a little boost to receive the exposure it deserves. Free classifieds are a great start, but if you are motivated towards increasing exposure, consider upgrading your free advertisement with a paid Top Listing or a Featured Ad!

Identical twins are cool, Identical ads are not.

If you’re selling the exact same item in a variety of colors, shapes or sizes, please post one ad with all of the different choices in the ad – not one ad for each item.  Having to filter through a bunch of ads for the same product is a sure way to frustrate a potential buyer – and lose a sale.

Best of luck, and much success!